Metrics + Indicators for Impact (MIFI) is an online toolkit that empowers individual markets and market organizations through proven data collection strategies, actionable interpretation information, and customizable reports. By using MIFI, you develop specific knowledge about your market that enhances your internal decision-making and external communication activities with partners, sponsors, and the public. You begin by collecting descriptive data and throughout the market season, it becomes baseline numbers for calculating your economic impact.

We tested MIFI in seven states. It works. We welcome your participation.

We partner with MarketWurks, an online vendor application and market management program, to help you maximize the benefits of MIFI. Together, the programs are a comprehensive set of resources for measuring your performance and planning your activities.

3 Steps

We empower markets with insight through 3 steps:

Measure various market programs and activities and they are consistent with USDA reporting requirements.

Our processes are sensitive to the unique characteristics of farmers markets and uphold basic social science research standards.

Visualize your data through technical graphs and charts and communicate it through infographic reports.


MIFI works with individual markets and market organizations to support their data collection, interpretation, and reporting activities.

Get technical assistance through webinar trainings and one-on-one customer service 7 days a week.


We like to keep the price reasonable for all markets.

Individual farmers market = $250/year

Market Organizations = $500/year + $250/individual farmers market

You can purchase additional services for:

  • customized data interpretation
  • additional data analysis
  • in-person technical assistance
  • support for using data in grant-writing