Our Approach

Metrics + Indicators for Impact (MIFI) is an online toolkit that empowers individual markets and market organizations through proven data collection strategies, actionable interpretation information, and customizable reports.

The program integrates over 30 years of experience assisting farmers markets. We are passionate about markets and community food systems. We are excited to work with you and see you grow.


Principal Investigator, Founder, Program Director
Professor, Planning & Landscape Architecture, University of Wisconsin-Madison
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Co-Principal Investigator, Program Director
PhD Candidate, Planning & Landscape Architecture, University of Wisconsin-Madison
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Staff Economist
Postdoctoral Fellow, Center for Integrated Agriculture Systems, University of Wisconsin-Madison
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2014-17. Indicators for Impact: Farmers Markets as Leaders in Collaborative Food System Data Collection and Analysis. USDA Agriculture and Food Research Initiative, Morales PI and Suerth Co-PI (2014-68006-21857). Created data collection tools and the online portal and tested the resources with eight markets in three regions of the US. Refined the tools and portal pursuant to their feedback.

2016-18. Subcontract to Madison-REAP Farm Fresh Atlas Project. USDA Farmers Market Promotion Program. 20 Wisconsin Markets get a one-year MIFI membership to collect that helps them understand who is visiting their market and how it contributes to local economic activity. We are also performing additional economic analysis.

2016-17. Subcontract to Maine Federation of Farmers Markets. USDA Rural Development Block Grant. Five markets in Main get a two-year MIFI membership to study the role of farmers markets in rural communities and we provide additional economic analysis.

2016-17. Identifying Communications Needs of Farmers Market Managers. USDA Hatch program, Co-PI with Bret Shaw. We tested the usability of the MIFI website and portal with eight market managers that have never used our program. We integrated their feedback into the current product.