What kind of time and market capacity is necessary to use MIFI?

Data collection activities take additional time, but MIFI provides a comprehensive set of resources that recognize that markets come in many shapes and sizes, with different levels of capacity. With MIFI’s research-backed tools and ongoing customer assistance, the subscription service makes it easier to collect scientifically valid and reliable data.

Each market has the flexibility to choose to collect data on only the specific metrics they are interested in analyzing. This allows markets with less time and capacity to target their data collection process and use their time wisely.

How do I select the metrics that are appropriate for my market?

Every member will collect data on four common metrics: (1) Average number of visitors per market day, (2) Total market sales, (3) Average distance in miles traveled from product origin to market, and (4) Total cultivated or grazed acres by market vendors . Each market can select additional custom metrics. Most members select metrics that relate to their short- and long-term goals or that support their reporting requirements. Visit the Market Metrics page to learn more. You can also contact mifimarkets@lists.wisc.edu for customer service anytime.

Who manages the data collection activities? How many people are involved?

Markets should identify a data collection manager to lead their data collection efforts on a regular basis or on a given day. The data collection manager may be a representative of the market or a volunteer. The Data Collection Package uses two terms to describe the people that will collect data: (1) ‘data collector’ refers to a single person collecting data and (2) ‘data collection team’ refers to the collective group of people that coordinate resources for data collection and implement the instruments.

Similar to the data collection manager, the ‘data collector’ and the ‘data collection team’ may be a representative of the market or a volunteer. The number of people involved in data collection will depend on various factors, such as market size, market day, and number of instruments.

How do I know whether I am collecting the data in an appropriate manner?

Every member receives training on how to collect data and has unlimited access to one-on-one technical assistance. Through use of these resources, managers can verify whether their processes are scientically valid. We also perform site visits as an add-on service. Please reference our prices on the MIFI Services page to learn more about our additional services.

What is the timeframe for data collection, interpretation, and reporting?

The contract is a 12-month term. Members collect data and enter during their market season(s) but can access their data and create reports at any point during the contract period.

What does MIFI cost?

Pricing varies on the type of user: individual market or market organization. We also provide add-on services in addition to the basic package. Please reference our prices on the MIFI Services page to learn more about the resources in our toolkit and fill out our subscription form to get a cost estimate.

We operate MIFI according to two principles: cost recovery and lean start-up.  Cost recovery means that we only charge what it costs to provide the service, and lean start-up means we refine our business model according to feedback from our members